DSC_3240 - Version 2

KTW Solutions offers Dedicated, LTL, Hot Shot and general load transportation services from our Marana, Arizona base and beyond.  We can transport equipment, vehicles, agriculture products, or just about anything that will fit on or in our trailers.  Vehicle not running?  That's no problem.  Our winch installations will meet the need.  Whatever the load, we are there to get it moved with care and professionalism. Whether you need an open deck, or an enclosed trailer, we are ready.

973_1656 - Version 2

Custom support fabrication permits transportation of unusual loads.

973_1353 - Version 2

Large deck space allows loading and transportation of bulk items in one trip.


Our 40 foot flatbed trailer with articulating extended decking was recently overhauled for long-term, safe operation.  Removable ramp decking and winch capabilities were added to ensure easy and safe loading of vehicles, running or not.

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