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KTW Solutions provides Aircraft Maintenance Supervision, Aircraft Technical Inspections, Aircraft Technical Monitoring and Lease Aircraft Delivery and Redelivery of commercial aircraft from our conveniently located base in Marana, Arizona and Worldwide.

Aircraft Maintenance Supervision

We advise on, supervise and manage the maintenance, repair and refurbishment of aircraft worldwide.  We act as our clients on-site technical representative during scheduled and unscheduled aircraft maintenance.  We can assist with the development and preparation of the work scope, both routine and non-routine, maintain focus on cost containment, as well as ensure that the maintenance perform confroms to the terms of the contract and the agreed turnaround schedule.  Where additional work scope or significant defect rectification is identified, you can count on us to recommend the most time and cost effective solutions.

Aircraft Technical Inspections

Our licensed professionals conduct physical inspections, audits and record reviews on many types of commercial and VIP aircraft.  Whether it is the first look at a prospective aircraft, a pre-purchase inspection, annual lease or loan inspection, or confirming lease delivery/redelivery requirements, our compresensive inspections and reporting will meet your specific needs.

Aircraft Technical Monitoring

With the ever increasing cost exposere of aircraft leases, it is important to ensure the most accurate utilization reporting is being given and your is maintaining its value.  You must also feel confident that your asset is being properly maintained and the recordkeeping is meeting the standards.  Let us help you manage your risks in maintenance reserves, credit exposure asset value.  Wherever your assets are placed, we will interface to monitor the status and manage the risk.

Lease Aircraft Delivery and Redelivery

Whether on behalf of the lessee or the lessor, we can manage your delivery or redelivery.  Ensuring timely compliance with the terms of your lease agreement is our sole focus.  Successful lease deliveries and redeliveries depend on decisive and timely resolution to technical and/or records issues, as well as clear communication with all parties involved.  We will be there to meet your objectives.

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